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Terms and Conditions of Sale


1. If any error is made regarding the price of any product quoted in our website TECAZ LTD, will not be bound to accept the sale at that price. Any payment made is deemed to be acceptance of these terms and conditions, (please print a copy for future use). When payment is processed or acknowledged it is merely a note that we have received your request to order an item and does not in any way mean acceptance of your order.

2. We endeavour to deliver any item within 30 days. HOWEVER DELIVERY DATES AND LEAD TIMES are given as a guide only and shall not be the essence of the contract. Where delivery is delayed by circumstances beyond our control we will arrange an alternative expected date for delivery. However even under such circumstances we undertake that delivery will still be within a reasonable period of time. The date of order commencement will be deemed to be the first working day following date of payment during normal working hours, 9.00am until 5.00pm Monday to Friday, excluding any Public/Bank Holiday, and also during our Christmas and New Year Holiday shutdown period.

3. COLOUR MATCH is as exact as manufacturing processes' and materials allow and must be checked before installation, (Example woods are natural materials and therefore will have grain and colour difference. Tiles, ceramics and acrylics have different light characteristics and will appear slightly different in certain light conditions to others). Where batch numbers are quoted please check before installation. Also it should be noted that although colour representations are as accurate as possible in this website, any representations of items may not be totally accurate due to photography and printing limitations.

4. ON RECEIPT, DELIVERY OR COLLECTION. All goods must be checked and shortages or visible faults,(obvious to you as the consumer), must be reported to us within 5 days.

5. ALL GOODS must be unwrapped before fitting is commenced (e.g. screwing legs to the bath) and fully checked, it is advisable to organise delivery in advance of the date contractors arrive, to avoid holding up installation. DO NOT REMOVE EXISTING FIXTURES BEFORE FULLY CHECKING THE GOODS. If goods are found to be damaged or incorrect, TECAZ LTD will sort the problem out as soon as possible, the customer must give a reasonable time for this to be carried out. Note: To avoid delay or difficulty in assessing correcting or exchanging any item found to be not suitable it is imperative that the customer or the fitter, DO NOT FIT THE PRODUCT IF IT IS EASILY IDENTIFIABLE AS INCORRECT IN ANY WAY. Fitting could be seen by a manufacturer as the end user being satisfied with the finish and suitability. Please ensure that should you be delegating an installer to carry out work for you whilst you are away from the installation site, (i.e.: on holiday or at the shops), that you check all items, (preferably with the installer), before you leave.

6. PRE ASSEMBLED (DRY FITTED) ITEMS, such as taps, showers and cistern fittings are packaged only to demonstrate that all the parts are supplied and will require to be adequately sealed by the installer when the installation is commenced.

7. WHEN DELIVERY IS ARRANGED it is only to your front door, our Couriers or Drivers are not authorised to assist further than this. If a delivery date is arranged and the purchaser is unable to accept this delivery on the date and time specified another delivery charge may be levied.

8. IF YOU WISH TO RETURN GOODS within 7 working days, not including weekends or Bank Holidays, we must be notified by E-mail: info@tecaz.comte (please use one of our return forms usually enclosed with the goods, download a copy, if lost or omitted), of your intention to do so. The goods will only be accepted for return and refund if in the original packaging and in a saleable condition. Any delivery/transport cost of return is to be borne by you as the purchaser.

9. IF YOU WISH TO RETURN GOODS AFTER 7 WORKING DAYS, we must be notified (in writing) of your intention to do so and must be in the original packaging and in a saleable condition. Please use one of our return forms usually enclosed with the goods, (download a copy, if lost or omitted) then e-mail to info@tecaz.com IF WE AGREE THE REASON IS VALID (i.e.: GOODS FOUND TO BE FAULTY), we will arrange the necessary paperwork and collection/delivery/postage. Some goods may require verification of alleged fault and need inspection before acceptance of return.

10. WHERE GOODS ARE CANCELLED OR RETURNED, WHICH ARE NOT REQUIRED AFTER 7 WORKING DAYS, TECAZ LTD will deduct a cancellation charge, to our choice and assessment. (MINIMUM Cancellation charge is 25% of TOTAL price of the goods returned, where these are not part of the company's core stock range. If from the core stock range the costs will be assessed but would usually amount to 25% of the products returned if in an acceptable resalable state. PLEASE NOTE: SPECIAL ORDERS MADE TO YOUR SPECIFICATION CANNOT BE CANCELLED, often these items being specially manufactured entails delivery scheduling variations.

11. The Customer is responsible for accessibility to the delivery address.

12. TECAZ LTD DO NOT UNDERTAKE FITTING WORK. Any such work must be agreed, paid for and organised between the customer and fitter. Any name given by a representative of the company is not an endorsement of that fitter’s service by TECAZ LTD.

13. PRICE CHANGES due to circumstances beyond the Company’s control, such as increases in VAT or any other Tax, or manufacturer’s price rises which we cannot absorb will be e-mailed to you for acceptance of the new price to allow the contract to continue.

14. We take great care to ensure that all details held within the website are accurate, but all images, references, specifications, sizes, descriptions and illustrations are approximations and for a guide only. No reliance on them should be made without consultation with a technical expert and certainly not before any work is carried out.

15. If you are ordering from outside of Mainland United Kingdom please verify availability of items for delivery.

16. GUARANTEES are for 12 months unless specifically mentioned as otherwise by TECAZ LTD. Any Manufacturers additional guarantees are between the final purchaser and the manufacturer and are not the responsibility of TECAZ LTD.

17. PRIVACY AND DATA PROTECTION. TECAZ LTD will not pass any details on to any third party other than for delivery purposes or order fulfilment.

18. TECAZ LTD intends to rely upon the written terms set out here. If you require any changes please make sure you ask for these to be put in writing. In that way, we can avoid any problems surrounding what the Company and you the customer is expected to do.

19. TECAZ LTD reserves the right to alter or amend these terms, which are under the jurisdiction of the Laws of England, at any time. The above Terms and Conditions do not affect your statutory rights.

Call centre opening times: 9.00am until 5.00pm Monday to Friday, excluding any Public/Bank Holiday, and also during our Christmas and New Year Holiday shutdown period.

USUAL ADDRESS FOR RETURN OF GOODS, (THIS CAN VARY SO CHECK BEFORE DOING SO). ONLY AFTER AGREEMENT IS ACKNOWLEDGED AND AGREED BY TECAZ LTD, (IN WRITING), IS A RETURN AUTHORIZED TO BE ACCEPTED, (AS PER TERM 8). If this is ignored the item(s) remain at your own risk and you may incur expenses of not being able to deliver the goods. The staff at the following address are instructed not to accept goods which are not authorized.



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